How to make your bucks party a life-changing event.

 Suits, cars and table-settings have been sorted, and now it’s getting serious.

But what can you do with your groomsmen – what sort of event-to-remember are you going to arrange? No pressure – a pub crawl? Fast cars? Lap dancers… or are you over all of that?

May we make a suggestion?

Perhaps you could kick-off with a bit of bloke bonding. Gather your group, set them up with some top grade grooming tools and the know-how to use them. And get the pathetic plastic razors out of their lives for good. It’s about the manliest thing they could do. And incidentally once they’ve got the hang of it, your groomsmen are going to look really smooth and smell great on the big day and forever after.

Now that’s a life skill worth having.

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